Top 10 scandinavian brands you need to know

Top 10 scandinavian brands you need to know


First on the list is Nordgreen. Teaming up with Contemporary Danish designer Jakob Wagner, who worked with Bang og Olufsen to produce its ‘Autumn Winter Collection 2019’ of headphones and speakers. Wagner transitions his innovative design philosophy into Nordgreen’s watches. The outcome of this joint effort is building a simple, yet classic timepiece that you’ll surely want to show off. This startup prides itself on bringing you watches that don’t break your wallet. From their packaging to its manufacturers, this startup knows a thing or two about social responsibility! Upon completing your purchase, you can choose between three NGOs to donate a portion of your purchase amount to. You can fund clean water, education, and protection initiatives to countries in Africa, as well as India and Brazil. Nice!


Is jet setting away on a fancy ski vacation, or strolling down city streets in the sunshine your thing? Messy Weekend has handcrafted eyewear to help complete your journey! On top of their commitment to providing affordable sunglasses and ski goggles, Messy Weekend sponsors the Copenhagen Open (CPH OPEN). CPH Open is an annual skateboarding, music and art festival that happens on the streets of its namesake city. Messy Weekend doesn’t stop with sponsoring cool city events. They also donate a portion of all proceeds to NGOs dedicated to cleaning ocean waste! Bravo!


Graphic designers, illustrators, and artists from across Europe and a working girl’s dream are the driving force behind Project Nord’s Scandinavian-styled poster collections. Designed to complement your space and your budget, this rising startup plants a tree for every poster purchased! Printed using water-based ink and regulated paper suppliers, Project Nord wants you to feel good about buying its posters!


Keeping up the same commitment to quality as Messy Weekend, Jamie Looks brings you both sunglasses and prescription glasses. See how a pair of prescription glasses from Jamie Looks suits your style! Jamie Looks uses facial recognition to show you how you’d look wearing their frames without leaving the comfort of your home! Using your mobile device, choose a pair of glasses, and hold your phone up to your face! If that’s a bit too invasive, they provide measurements for each pair too so that you can find the best fit for your face. Select the perfect pair of eyewear for your face with catchy names like Brooklyn and the New Depp and take looking cool to the next level!


Once you type in the web address for Son of a Tailor, prepare to be dazzled! By filling in a few details about your height, weight, shoe size, and age, Son of A Tailor customize t-shirts that fit! What can’t be done with technology? If you’re more of a no-fuss online shopper, then check out Son of a Tailor’s options for an assortment of t-shirt styles from Pique Polo to a Wool T-shirt.


Going a step further to clothe your nether region is Organic Basics. It’s nice to know that a company’s designing comfortable and functional undergarments! What’s more, Organic Basics’ sustainability practices work toward ensuring that human rights are upheld in partnering factories.


If you have a home office or a small business that needs furnishing, then you’ll want to keep an eye on this upcoming Scandinavian furniture designer. Omni designs everything for your office, from elevation desks, sofas, and lighting. What’s especially great about this startup is that they select furniture that complements your space so that you can focus on your business!


Summers in Denmark are short, so Danes make the most of enjoying the great outdoors, during the summer months. Though Trímm was founded in 2010, they took Scandinavian interior design concepts and moved them outside to create practical, but stylish outdoor lounge furniture! 


Another children’s toy building block company coming out of Denmark? Modu makes life-sized building blocks for kids. These blocks are connected using pegs and caster wheels that can be arranged as your child desires. Engage your child’s imagination with these active toys, making things like walkers and cars! What’s more, Modu makes these functional play blocks for babies and kids, all the way up to six years old!


Much like online shopping for your favorite Project Nord poster print, our last up startup is one to keep an eye on! Artland allows you to virtually shop and follow art galleries around the world. They match art collectors with other collectors and galleries, providing a variety of mediums to choose from and the latest news on exhibitions and works for sale.