Top 10 scandinavian brands you need to know


First on the list is Nordgreen. Teaming up with Contemporary Danish designer Jakob Wagner, who worked with Bang og Olufsen to produce its ‘Autumn Winter Collection 2019’ of headphones and speakers. Wagner transitions his innovative design philosophy into Nordgreen’s watches. The outcome of this joint effort is building a simple, yet classic timepiece that you’ll surely want to show off. This startup prides itself on bringing you watches that don’t break your wallet. From their packaging to its manufacturers, this startup knows a thing or two about social responsibility! Upon completing your purchase, you can choose between three NGOs to donate a portion of your purchase amount to. You can fund clean water, education, and protection initiatives to countries in Africa, as well as India and Brazil. Nice!


Is jet setting away on a fancy ski vacation, or strolling down city streets in the sunshine your thing? Messy Weekend has handcrafted eyewear to help complete your journey! On top of their commitment to providing affordable sunglasses and ski goggles, Messy Weekend sponsors the Copenhagen Open (CPH OPEN). CPH Open is an annual skateboarding, music and art festival that happens on the streets of its namesake city. Messy Weekend doesn’t stop with sponsoring cool city events. They also donate a portion of all proceeds to NGOs dedicated to cleaning ocean waste! Bravo!


Graphic designers, illustrators, and artists from across Europe and a working girl’s dream are the driving force behind Project Nord’s Scandinavian-styled poster collections. Designed to complement your space and your budget, this rising startup plants a tree for every poster purchased! Printed using water-based ink and regulated paper suppliers, Project Nord wants you to feel good about buying its posters!


Keeping up the same commitment to quality as Messy Weekend, Jamie Looks brings you both sunglasses and prescription glasses. See how a pair of prescription glasses from Jamie Looks suits your style! Jamie Looks uses facial recognition to show you how you’d look wearing their frames without leaving the comfort of your home! Using your mobile device, choose a pair of glasses, and hold your phone up to your face! If that’s a bit too invasive, they provide measurements for each pair too so that you can find the best fit for your face. Select the perfect pair of eyewear for your face with catchy names like Brooklyn and the New Depp and take looking cool to the next level!


Once you type in the web address for Son of a Tailor, prepare to be dazzled! By filling in a few details about your height, weight, shoe size, and age, Son of A Tailor customize t-shirts that fit! What can’t be done with technology? If you’re more of a no-fuss online shopper, then check out Son of a Tailor’s options for an assortment of t-shirt styles from Pique Polo to a Wool T-shirt.


Going a step further to clothe your nether region is Organic Basics. It’s nice to know that a company’s designing comfortable and functional undergarments! What’s more, Organic Basics’ sustainability practices work toward ensuring that human rights are upheld in partnering factories.


If you have a home office or a small business that needs furnishing, then you’ll want to keep an eye on this upcoming Scandinavian furniture designer. Omni designs everything for your office, from elevation desks, sofas, and lighting. What’s especially great about this startup is that they select furniture that complements your space so that you can focus on your business!


Summers in Denmark are short, so Danes make the most of enjoying the great outdoors, during the summer months. Though Trímm was founded in 2010, they took Scandinavian interior design concepts and moved them outside to create practical, but stylish outdoor lounge furniture! 


Another children’s toy building block company coming out of Denmark? Modu makes life-sized building blocks for kids. These blocks are connected using pegs and caster wheels that can be arranged as your child desires. Engage your child’s imagination with these active toys, making things like walkers and cars! What’s more, Modu makes these functional play blocks for babies and kids, all the way up to six years old!


Much like online shopping for your favorite Project Nord poster print, our last up startup is one to keep an eye on! Artland allows you to virtually shop and follow art galleries around the world. They match art collectors with other collectors and galleries, providing a variety of mediums to choose from and the latest news on exhibitions and works for sale.

5 steps to creating an aesthetic gallery wall

We all love gallery walls, and it's not hard to see why. They do so many things. They're an amazing way to infuse color and pattern into space. They let the art-lovers among us display our collections in groups so we can get more pieces on the walls. They're an excellent way to take up empty space on a large wall, making the room feel fully inhabited. And most importantly they're one of the best opportunities we get to show who we are and what we love in our spaces. Gallery walls are simply the best. But if you're starting to feel like you've seen so many that you haven't started on your own for fear of looking too conventional, then let us be the first to invite you to be unconventional.

A great gallery wall can be just pictures, whether art or photos. It can also be much more than that. To make a great gallery wall, start with your favorite images like photographs, drawings, or art, and then start adding in the things you cherish like postcards from favorite vacations, your grandmother’s dishes, jewelry, or pieces from your favorite game. The possibilities are essentially endless. Of course, you still have to keep it stylish. But with some practice and a keen editorial eye, creating an eclectic and chic gallery wall is no trouble at all. Here is our five best tips to creating an aesthetic gallery wall in your own home. 

1. Keep the color going

2. Think thematically

3. Play with levels

4. Bring order to chaos

5. Be creative

Check out how this can be done with posters from Project Nord: 

The history of Jakob Wagner from Nordgreen

Jakob Wagner is one of the best in the business, a staple of international as well as Danish design. His immense talent has led to some truly iconic creations. Get to know the man behind many gorgeous aesthetics including Nordgreen’s watches, and get introduced to some of his very best work.

As well as being passionate about Scandinavian minimalism, our values and Jakob’s values align perfectly. Sustainability and giving back are our values as Danes and citizens of the world. Most people don’t know about Denmark’s sustainable efforts, but a study called Copenhagen European Green Capital, found that the city generated 31% of its electricity from wind energy.

“What has become really important to me is to work solely on something … on conscious projects, that means sustainability is a given.” Jakob explains, reflectively.

Danish design facilitated by Danish mindset

As Nordgreen’s chief designer, the watches are his creation. For every step of the process, he was inspired by the Danish mindset. Balance that is the foundation for happiness, is the standard in Denmark.

“One of the important ways that the Danish mindset has influenced Danish design, I think is the concept of balance. Designing is complex there is a million different things to take into consideration and to balance everything out in a way that it becomes a simple gesture is the goal.”

When designing the watches, he took a starting point in the city “It's the love for our city and the love for the way of life in Copenhagen that we actually want to express in the watch and share it with the rest of the world.”

 The foundations

Jakob has a well-balanced background, with a rare combination that makes his style unique.

“I have a dual background in engineering and design, so you can say both machine and experience and I find the intersection between technology and human culture to be an interesting place to work.”

After the engineering education, Jakob had a two year period as a guest student at the Danish Art Academy’s Architect school. This paved the way for his time at the renowned Art Center in Switzerland.

 Paid his design dues

With designs for established International as well as Danish design brands, he possesses a wide array of experience as a true design veteran. He has now been running his own studio for over 25 years. He has many designs to be proud of.

Jakob singles out his design for Cappellini - the world’s most prestigious furniture company, as his most challenging. With his creation of the branch table, he realized the dream of hundreds if not thousands of designers who want to work with them.

He has designed Bang and Olufsen headphones since 2011. Every element has a function when stripped down, together they form a complete entity that works as one. Jakob particularly beams with pride, explaining how he innovated with the anodized aluminium touch interface.

 A natural

The biggest inspiration for Jakob is nature. He sees his designs as evolution condensed to three weeks or months in product development, not three hundred thousand or three billion years.

 Next steps

For the continuation of the Nordgreen design ecosystem, Jakob has crafted the Nordgreen take on the chronograph, as well as a smaller native and a face-lifted Native. To be unveiled on Kickstarter in May - stay tuned!

Now you’ve had an in-depth introduction to Jakob, we have to ask:

Which of Jakob’s Nordgreen watches is your favorite?


Over the course of his 12 years in Atlanta, Georgia, Mr Sid Mashburn has been asked a lot about his adopted hometown. For example, after three decades of designing menswear for and Lands’ End, in New York and Wisconsin,

why did the Mississippi native set up his own shop in the “A”? When I ask him, on a balmy afternoon in early September, he credits his wife, Ann.

“Ann is from the Midwest,” he says. “She always loved the south, but didn’t know anything about it. She just thought it was charming and exotic.” Mr Mashburn laughs because, even if it is his home, he tends to agree with her. There were other factors, too. He left Lands’ End in 2006 (“Ann was surprised it wasn’t sooner – in that kind of role, it’s either feast or famine”) and was looking for a new opportunity. “We narrowed down our potential cities to New York or Chicago,” says Mr Mashburn. “But Ann said, ‘How about Atlanta?’ I said, ‘How about fantastic?’ I flew down here immediately. And it was the place. It felt vibey, indie and easy for our mothers to understand all at the same time.”




Is it politics, the climate, or both? All we know is that uncertain times call for comfort dressing. As luck would have it, the imminent arrival of autumn presents us with the ideal opportunity to indulge our cosiest desires in a staggering

array of stylish guises as a whole new season’s worth of , cashmere The list goes on. Before they sell out, as they invariably will, we thought we’d take you through a few of our favourites. A new coat is a serious investment, and you’ll doubtless want to be suitably well-informed before you take the plunge.

While it only scratches the surface of what’s available, this new-season primer should point you in the right direction. Read on.




Day one at a new job is the adult equivalent of your first day of school. There’s a whole new timetable, a new set of faces, lunch cliques (some things never change) and, above all, the opportunity for a fresh start. Despite your long list of professional accomplishments, you are the new boy, and the best way to introduce yourself is by nailing your office outfits right out of the gate. As they say, first impressions last longest, and we need not remind you that the people you’re looking to impress will be your desk mates for more or less 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. Often, they hold the fate of your career in their hands. Jobs aren’t stressful at all!

That’s why we’re here to make sure you start your new gig on the right foot, whether you’re stepping into a den of old-school businessmen or a more laid-back start-up environment (either way, leave the hoodie at home for now). Dress codes are dress codes, but a few universal tips and tricks will guarantee you’re well prepared from the jump. Nothing is set in stone and you can tweak your look to better suit your workday needs. Start here and you’ll go from new guy to dapper colleague in no time.


A little reconnaissance during the interview process will come in handy when you’re preparing for your first day. Take mental notes of what people are wearing around the office and try to get a sense of the general vibe. If it isn’t obvious, or you’re confined to a sterile conference room, don’t be afraid to ask the hiring manager about the culture and if there are any dress code requirements. You can also get some inspiration from your career heroes, unless their rotation happens to consist exclusively of black rollnecks faded jeans and dad shoes. They say dress for the job you want, so why not aim for the stars?


Take your outfit for a dry run well before your first day. Not just your trousers, not just your shirt or blazer. The whole thing. Your first day of work should not be the first time you’re wearing everything together. Consider it a dress rehearsal that will allow you to make any necessary adjustments to the major components, such as swapping out chinos for navy dress trousers or opting for a plain suit over stripes. Putting this off until your start day is self-sabotage. Which brings us to our next point...


The perfect fit is paramount. Trying things on early will give you the opportunity and time to visit a tailor if necessary. And chances are, if you’ve completely refreshed your work wardrobe, some nips and tucks will be required. If you don’t already have a tailor on speed dial, now is the time. Keep an eye on where your sleeves and trousers hit if you’re wearing a suit. Get them slightly tapered for an ultra-polished look. That applies to more casual trousers as well. The sock-to-shoe ratio is up to you, but more conservative offices will probably appreciate a little less ankle.


Get everything in tip-top shape the night before, not while you’re juggling your morning coffee and beard trimmer. Give everything a thorough run under the iron or a nice steam so you’ll look fresh from head to toe. Ditch the tags and any extra stitching. Shine your dress shoes or swap out your laces for a clean set. This due diligence will ensure you won’t have anything to worry about the next day, except for a quick lint roll before stepping out. 


Add some details, but don’t over-peacock. This is not your moment to go big. Being comically overdressed is a style sin on par with being underdressed. A subtle splash of colour won’t hurt, but wearing the entire colour wheel will. For suit accessories, stick to neutrals, such as a white or simply patterned pocket square. Socks are an easy way to make a statement, while a luxury watch will give you a sense of refinement – so long as it’s not decked out in diamonds.


Brace yourself for the unexpected, such as stains, wardrobe malfunctions and unpredictable office climates. Throw a stain pen into yourbriefcase for the inevitable coffee spill or lunchtime mishap. A traveller’s sewing kit is a smart addition if you’re prone to rips or losing the odd button. Keep a light bomber jacket or zip-up cardigan on deck if your dress code is more casual – arctic office air-conditioning is no joke. Going to work fully prepared will prevent you from running into any roadblocks that could knock your confidence.


Don’t just plan for day one. Plan for week one. There’s no need to force yourself to struggle every single morning when you can plot things out in advance. Playing the long game will help when you’re shopping, too. Think of it as meal prep, but for clothes. Going into this with a well-thought-out game plan will stop you from stressing out. Trust us: there will be plenty of other things to worry about, such as figuring out how to use the printer.


The most important thing is to strive for outfits that instil confidence and comfort. At the end of the day, you want to feel good on top of looking good. Self-expression is at the heart of how we present ourselves day in, day out, so make sure that doesn’t get lost along the way. Being confident in the clothes you wear will take you a long way on the road to success.